Founded in 1975, Hoyt Hayes Construction, Inc. is a multi-disciplined general contracting firm offering a broad range of construction related services specifically tailored to each project.

Hoyt Hayes Construction holds unlimited licenses in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Virginia. Furthermore, we perform contracting in Kentucky, Missouri, and Texas none of which require state licensing. We are fully capable of acquiring additional licensing throughout the United States.



Our abilities meet the diverse construction needs of the 21st century. Our vast technical experience allows our firm to be competitive and perform work successfully. Our firm has earned an outstanding credit rating and an excellent reputation with former project clients. We have fostered the family atmosphere within our company by retention of valuable skilled personnel while being competitively aggressive. Our team is committed to meeting project deadlines and clients’ time restraints.

Our firm selectively solicits contracts within our service area. Approximately 85% of our projects are negotiated directly with the project client, 10% comprise of plan specification bid, and the remaining 5% of our projects are from invitational bid. Many of our projects are constructed for former clients on repeat basis, accounting for 50% to 60% of project workload.

Safety Comes First

Safety is the most important aspect of every Hoyt Hayes Construction project. Our corporate health and safety program is structured to exceed the industry standards while providing the most cost-effective service to our customers. Our program focuses on preventing losses and incidents before they occur. We continuously train all employees to ensure they have the knowledge to identify and the authority to correct hazardous situations before any incident situations occur.

Hoyt Hayes Construction makes every effort to improve and inform all employees and subcontractors of best management practices and experiences to provide our team with the safest working environment while striving to set the standards in our industry.

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